PROSUR is a Cooperation System whose main objective is the technical collaboration among the Industrial Property Offices in South America, based on equal rights and obligations and consensus-based decision-making. The cooperation among members includes areas such as Trademarks, Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications and others industrial property related objectives.



Specific objectives of PROSUR are:

  • Data exchange among members and the promotion of operational collaboration regarding procedures, in order to create a common platform to unify and simplify access to information and industrial property registries.
  • Cooperating among members in the use of information technologies in order to solve in a comprehensive way, common problems, avoiding duplication of efforts and achieving more efficient and sustainable solutions at the regional level.
  • Information exchange on new developments in the industrial property protection system in their respective countries.
  • Exchange of experiences and technical and / or scientific knowledge about the role of members as governmental entities in promoting and setting policies for the development of competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Exchange of experiences, knowledge and skills regarding general managerial related matters, including human resources, training, and quality control.
  • Exchange of experiences and knowledge on the provision of technical information to users and the industrial, business, scientific and university community, for the scientific and economic development of members.
  • Exchange of experiences and experts involved in teaching industrial property, reinforcing academic practice in the participant countries. Additional objectives shall be agreed by members as long as it is related to system general objectives.